About Us

Everyone at Tactical Kinetics is passionate about two things: We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, and we love firearms of all shapes, sizes, make, and model.

We have combined these passions with our technical skills in CNC manufacturing technology to bring products to our customers that we can be both proud of and be certain will meet and exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Reach out to us today, and you’ll feel the passion we have in our products.

Tactical Kinetics was formed to combine precision CNC manufacturing and superior inspection techniques with complete supply chain and flexible component assembly management to roll out high quality weapon system components to the OEM, Defense, and Export sales markets at prices that reflect the quality of our workmanship and customer service. A great product at a fair and reasonable price, with unmatched service and technical ability.

100% of our manufacturing and assembly is completed in the Knoxville / Oak Ridge, Tennessee area and our distribution network is nationwide.

Meet the Team

John McCracken, Plant Manager

Johnson City, TN


John is constantly optimizing the quality of our barrels to make the best product that we possibly can, at the best cost. We offer the best value to the barrel market, bar none to anyone within our market segment. John grew up quail hunting with his dad in South, GA and enjoys running around in his side by side on the weekends. John's also into car restoration projects as his hobby outside of guns. John helped start Tactical Kinetics in his garage 12 years ago and for him, seeing what the business has turned into is what excites him. He says it's a joy to work alongside 65 of his best friends and enjoy each other's company every week. His favorite gun is the M14.

Jeff Kaplan, Sales Manager

Toledo, OH 


Jeff manages the sales team at Tactical Kinetics. He coordinates all of the travel and materials needed for events and tradeshows. He also manages the production scheduling and fulfillment of orders. Jeff is an avid cyclist, and enjoys bird hunting. He helped found Tactical Kinetics and really enjoys meeting the people in the gun industry. Jeff likes the challenge of growing the company, finding people that need TK's services, and building relationships across the country and even internationally. His favorite firearm is the IWI Galil Ace Gen2.

Jonn Livingston, Controller

Greenville, SC 


On any given day, Jonn is most likely staring at excel spreadsheets. He handles all of the finances of the organization. One of his favorite memories is having the opportunity to go to Argentina to dove hunt. Even though he's mostly behind the scenes, Jonn enjoys working with team at Tactical Kinetics as the people are the best part about the firearms industry. He's into mountain biking, Crossfit, and spending time with his wife and kids. His go to favorite firearm is a Springfield Armory 1911.

Chris Wade, Plant Manager

Knoxville, TN 


Chris manages all of the day-to-day operations at Tactical Kinetics. He oversees the production of barrels, manages the hiring of new team members, and essentially makes sure the rifle and pistol manufacturing plants are running smoothly. Chris is a big gun guy and is an avid hunter, shooter, and enjoys wrangling in fish. He's been in the firearms industry for over 15 years now and loves that he gets to enjoy the work he does. His favorite gun is simple, the AR-15, chambered in .223. 

Trevor Inman, Director of Engineering

Cocoa Beach, FL


Trevor handles all of the coordination between engineering and the quality department, in creating and maintaining the processes that go into building a barrel. He works directly with our customers to ensure the product they're getting meets their expectations. When it comest to new barrel designs, Trevor coordinates the design with our draftsman, releases it into production into the floor personnel, and spends time with the quality inspection department to make sure everything meets expectations. He's a big gun collector and loves to shoot, but also spends time playing drums when he's not in the office. He loves being outdoors, spends time overnight camping, and traveling in general. What he finds most rewarding about his work at Tactical Kinetics is that the visibility of our products is something that everyone can get excited about and be proud. His Marlin 336 Classic is his favorite firearm.

Jared McDermott, Director of Quality Assurance

Harrisburg, PA


Jared is the main point of contact for any quality concerns at Tactical Kinetics. He believes in continual improvement when it comes to quality assurance. If it falls under improving customer relations, products, or even improving the facilities TK works in, he's happy to be part of making it better. He moved to TN not too long ago and he shares that that experience grew him as a person and allowed him to find an industry he is thrilled to work in. His background is in machining, but the firearms industry has exposed him to a vast amount of information that he never would've learned without the opportunity to work at Tactical Kinetics. He loves his M&P Shield he carries every day and when he's not working, he's playing disc golf, hiking, and also working on his Bachelor's Degree.

Kevin Fries, Lead Machinist & Programmer, Process Inventor and Developer

Bristol, Connecticut 


Kevin does all of the programming for new product development for all of our rifle and pistol barrels. He keeps up with all of our current production and ensures our barrels are being built to our high standards. When he's not working, Kevin runs a farm and rides motorcycles. He enjoys working in the industry because of his strong belief in our 2nd amendment rights. His favorite gun is none other than the classic 1911. 

Jason Yorek, Second Shift Supervisor

Hammond, IN


Jason oversees the day-to-day scheduling for our pistol barrels. He operates our machines, helps other operators, and is part of the quality inspection process before any barrels leave our facility. Jason grew up fishing with his dad and still enjoys that hobby today. Him and his wife enjoy day trips to the mountains, taking full advantage of the hiking available in the Smoky Mountains. His favorite gun? The IWI Tavor X95. He's been working in the industry for over 12 years now and absolutely loves guns, his American freedoms, machining, and helping to create barrels for firearms.

Micah Plemons, Armorer, Pistol Barrel Finishing Department

Knoxville, TN


Micah spends his days working with pistol barrels as they come off the mills, get tumbled, honed, broached, blasted, and sent out to get coated. Micah works with our R&D and engineering departments to test our barrels and make sure everything we produce is highly accurate. He enjoys working at Tactical Kinetics as it is a small company with a big company feel to it. He enjoys working with large OEM firearm manufacturers and competing in the barrel market against other manufacturers. Micah is big into fitness and hiking and his favorite gun is the Walther P99.

David Byers, Rifle Assembly and Shipping Manager

Murrieta, CA

David works in our rifle barrel department to ensure our barrel extensions are installed, the head space is checked, and the index pin is properly pressed. David also engraves and etches all of the barrel details onto our rifle barrels to include caliber, twist rate, and all pertinent information. He sees that barrels get gas ports drilled and dimpled, and that our products are properly counted, sent to the logistics team, wrapped, and shipped out. He spends time shooting, hiking, and camping. His favorite gun is his AKG. What he finds so rewarding about his work at TK is knowing that the products we make can be used to help save lives.

Ryan Stehle, Manufacturing Engineer

Richmond, KY 


Ryan works with both our pistol and rifle barrels on the design and CMM Programming. He's part of the entire end to end process of seeing these barrels manufactured. Ryan is a gun guy through and through and also is into cars and mountain biking. He enjoys working in the firearms industry to understand more about how different systems work. His favorite gun is his CZ75.

Carlos Tilley, Manufacturing Engineer

Sweetwater, TN


Carlos manages the drill, ream, and rifle sales for Tactical Kinetics. He's also involved in the IT work and Project Management for the layouts of our rifle and pistol buildings. His favorite gun he says is whatever he has in his hand at any given moment. He's also a Fire Chief and finds saving lives super rewarding. His favorite part about working in the gun industry is that it's not the automotive industry.

Tammy Bartlett, Production Scheduling and Production Logistics

Maryville, TN


Tammy's job is to schedule all of the production on all of the machines we run. She helps to create new jobs at our manufacturing plant and oversees all of the receiving. She's into dirt track racing and camping and loves being a grandmother more than anything. She loves seeing all of the different types of barrels that come through Tactical Kinetics and her favorite gun is her Glock 43.

Casey Pritt, Department Supervisor, Pistol Barrel Finishing

Morrisville, NC


Casey works in our pistol barrel finishing department. She manages the process of who is running what machines and makes sure each order is perfect for the end customer. She loves working at Tactical Kinetics as she's learned a lot about CNC machining, and has gotten to see the prettier side of manufacturing - the barrel finishes. She's seen TK produce gold coating, copper, Chameleon, and DLC coating. She's a big hiker and loves working out at the gym. Her favorite gun is the AR-15.

James Cox, Chambering Lead

New Smyrna Beach, FL


James’s business is making barrels, which means overseeing the production of chambering rifle barrels. As a machinist at heart, James enjoys working in manufacturing at Tactical Kinetics because it’s fun, and he loves firearms. When he’s not working, he’s off at the lake fishing. His favorite gun is the FN 5.7.

Josh Adams, Contouring Lead

Melbourne, FL 


Josh oversees the rifle contouring department, troubleshooting issues and ensuring the floor runs efficiently. His hobbies include 3D printing, shooting, fishing, and spending time with his son. Some of his favorite memories are racing go-karts as a kid. Working in the firearms industry, Josh loves being able to see the new products before they’re ever launched to market. His favorite gun is the iconic AK-47.

Sherman Ellison, Machinist

Newport, TN


Sherman works in the rifle department and oversees everything from the turning, contouring, and chambering processes. He ensures everything is running properly and helps answer everyone’s questions on the team. He enjoys seeing how each individual gun works, especially when compared to similar firearms. Sherman is a big gamer when he’s not working and enjoys fishing and spending time with his daughter. He played football for 13 years as a Defensive End, and his favorite gun is the Derringer.